Beta testing for NYC only beginning June 2023.
Other cities to follow.

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Dinevite App now in App Stores
Dinevite App now in App Stores The Dinevite app is now available in the Google and Apple App stores. 
Dinevite BETA available
Dinevite BETA available  Restaurants in Nassau County, NY are invited to claim their page in June 2022 for the BETA launch   
Common Restaurant Mistakes
Common Restaurant Mistakes Common restaurant management mistakes with operations, budgets, process, and marketing
DineVite announces launch plans
DineVite announces launch plans DineVite released a press release on Friday, February 28, 2020, announcing that it would be unveiling its web and mobile...

With DineVite restaurants regain control of promotions:

Effective Customer Acquisition

Restaurants can regain control of acquisition and promotion costs, while providing customers a VIP experience.

Enhanced Communication

Restaurants can communicate directly with hungry consumers at the moment they are deciding where to dine.

Fill empty seats

Every venue has slow nights. Dinevite bridges the gap in a in-win for restaurants and consumers. Cost and result effective.